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PRELUDE IN D FLAT MAJOR, OPUS 28 ”RAINDROP” (CHOPIN) – pianist: Allan Schiller
SLAVONIC DANCE NO.2 IN E MINOR OPUS 46 (DVORAK) – Philharmonic Orchestra, London (conducted by Alfred Scholz)
PIANO CONCERTO NO.1 IN B FLAT MINOR, OPUS 23, FIRST MOVEMENT (TCHAIKOVSKY) – State Philharmonic Orchestra of The Palatinate (conducted by Donald Lee)
HUNGARIAN DANCE NO.6 IN D FLAT MAJOR (BRAHMS) – Munich Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Henry Adolph)
”EGMONT” OVERTURE, OPUS 84 (BEETHOVEN) – London Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Alfred Scholz)
”WILLIAM TELL” OVERTURE (ROSSINI) – Royal Danish Symphony Orchestra (conducted by George Richter)
”BRANDENBURG” CONCERTO NO.3 IN G MAJOR BWV 1048 (BACH) – Munich Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Professor Hans Reinhartz)
PIANO CONCERTO NO.21 IN C MAJOR SECOND MOVEMENT K467 (MOZART) – European Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Anton Leide) pianist: Hans Albin
WALTZ FROM ”SERENADE FOR STRINGS” IN C MAJOR OPUS 48 (TCHAIKOVSKY) – Pro Artico Orchestra (conducted by Franz Weiss)
”ALLEGRO”’FROM ”THE FOUR SEASONS” (VIVALDI) – Salzburg Chamber Orchestra (conducted by Albert Lizzio)
THE HUNT FROM SYMPHONY NO.73 IN D MAJOR (HAYDN) – Mozarteum Orchestra, Salzburg (conducted by Alexander Von Pitamic)
PRELUDE ”L’APRES MIDI D’UN FAUN” (DEBUSSEY) – State Philharmonic Orchestra of Teh Palatinate (conducted by Donald Lee)

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