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Oh to stumble across the enchanted forest:remote and more poignant than anything ever experienced before- a secret beauty.Your mind and body will be entrailed in a musical journey to a special place, transported by the greatest works of the Masters.
Butterfly Op 43/1 – GREIG
Waltz #2 Op 34/1 – CHOPIN
Waltz #13 Op 70/3 – CHOPIN
Song Without Words Op 62/6 – MENDELSSOHN
Waltz #1 Op 18 – CHOPIN
WALTZ #2 oP 70/2 -CHOPIN
Monumental Musical – SCHUBERT
Waltz Op 12/2 – GREIG
Prelude #4 Op 28 – CHOPIN
Rondo A Capriccia – oP 29 – BEETHOVEN
Danse Boheme – BIZET
Concerto For Piano & Orchestra. KV488 Allegra Assai – MOZART 13.EIN
Eine Kleine Nachmusic KV525 Allegro – MOZART
Eine Kleine Nachmusic KV525 Rondo Allegro – MOZART
Symphony #29 KV201 Allegro Moderato – MOZART

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